5 Ways to Modernize Your Living Spaces-Home Decor Tips

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5 Ways to Modernize Your Living Spaces

If you want to breathe some new life into your home and in particular your main living room then it doesn’t have to cost the earth. There are many easy and cheap things you can do to bring a more modern and fresh look to your rooms.

You don’t need to think about completely redecorating necessarily, or buying a tonne of new furniture to bring your living space back to life, but a few simple changes and additions can make it feel like a completely new space in no time.

Here are five easy and simple ways to modernise your rooms:

  1. Move the furniture around

While there might be practical reasons for having some furniture in a certain position, like the TV near to the aerial and broadband wiring, changing your room layout can completely change the look and feel of your living room.

Try moving your sofa to the opposite side of the room, or using armchairs and a standing light to create a really cosy reading corner near to a bookshelf. Having a clear-out can also help to create a more modern look in your room as less is really more when it comes to this style.

Our friends from online furniture shop Suchandsuch.co believe that minimalism equates to modern look. This could mean tidying up your spaces and keeping only what’s important and functional. Declutter your shelves, pack away or better still give to charity any old DVDs, books and ornaments which you no longer need and are just gathering dust and taking up space in your room. You can also make space to add more lighting features that way, bringing in fresh new light to the room.

  1. Update all your textiles

A very quick and easy way to modernise is to update all of your textiles, so replace all your old cushion covers with new, brightly coloured ones, or buy new cushions altogether. Breathe new life into old chairs with throws made from a variety of textured fabrics.

In the living areas you can add large rugs to brighten up a floor and bring new colours and depth into a dull room. And add full length new curtains to create modern, luxury feeling windows in your living area. Just swapping out all the colours and fabrics on your textiles can make a huge difference to how your room feels.

For a really luxurious feel you can invest in a large rug to cover the floor of your living area as this can create a really modern and rich appearance to even the smallest of living rooms.

  1. Add some art to your walls

Have a look at the art which you have on the walls and update it to something more modern if it doesn’t fit with your new look and feel. Try creating a feature wall with a gallery of art pieces including photographs and prints.

Or you can go for one bold piece of art to make a really strong statement and tie all of your new colour scheme together. A new bold art print linked with new textiles needn’t cost a fortune but can totally transform the look and feel of the whole room.

  1. Add some plants

For a quick and easy change to your room buy some nice house plants which are easy to look after. You can go for large upright plants in brightly coloured pots, to bring life to a musty corner, or go for smaller pot plants on shelves and mantle pieces.

Go for clean sharp lines and plants which are easy to look after, so you don’t end up with leaves or petals all over the floor. Choose decorative pots which match your colour scheme and décor style as well, to enhance the rest of the room.

  1. Clever use of paint

A very quick way to modernise your room is to get painting. You can paint the walls a different shade or create a new coloured feature wall to bring the room to life. Painting the skirting boards and door frames different colours can also help to modernise the look.

If you don’t want to paint the walls then try giving your floor a coat of paint, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune if you have a small space but having coloured painted floorboards can really transform a room completely and then with a new rug on top you won’t recognise the space.

Alternatively, look for some older pieces of furniture like shelving or tables and give those a coat of paint instead to bring them up-to-date and create a completely unique look for virtually no cost other than the price of the paint and brushes.

There are many quick and easy ways to modernise your living space, from painting the floors to swapping out your textiles or brightening up the room with new curtains and rugs. Whatever you choose to do your room can look totally transformed with minimum effort.

Thank you for reading!

Guest blog post by Jane Aldridge





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