Brows are big business! Discover the 6 best eyebrow treatments around

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Brows are big business! Discover the 6 best eyebrow treatments around

Brows are big business and bang on trend. With many different options to creating the perfect brow, we explain the differences between the 6 top eyebrow treatments taking the high street by storm.

From waxing, tattooing, threading to tweezing, creating dramatic, on point eyebrows is a must for anyone wanting to look their best.

With no intention of disappearing anytime soon, join aboard the eyebrow trend and discover which beauty treatments is best suited to you.

Eyebrows have never been more popular than now! Whether plastered on billboards or adverts on our television advertising the next, best eyebrow pencil, creating the fullest, most dramatic brows are top of all beauty regime lists.

With different eyebrow shapes, discovering and mastering the different eyebrow treatments can make a difference in defining and shaping your face.

We walk you through the different treatments, answering any questions that you may have about the different variations of best eyebrow treatments.


Eye brow threading

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What is eyebrow threading? A form of hair removal, threading should be a top choice when removing facial hair.

Originating from Asia, threading consists of taking a cotton thread, twisting it and rolling it over unwanted hair. Each time the thread rolls across the hair, it rips each hair from the pore. A precise form of hair removal, although time-consuming, threading is ideal for eyebrows and the face.

Gentle on the skin in comparison to other hair removal treatments, this form of hair removal is perfect for those suffering from sensitive skin.

Getting your eyebrows threaded? Expect some redness afterwards.

The benefits of threading outweigh the negatives. Able to remove even the smallest, unwanted hair, threading promises perfectly crafted eyebrows every time.


Eyebrow Waxing

Another eyebrow treatment available and that is waxing.

A quick, long lasting way to add some definition to the shape of your eyebrows while removing unwanted hair, eyebrow waxing is offered at most beauty salons.

A quicker option that threading, when it comes to waxing your eyebrows, waxing can take a few minutes and can require a repeat within several weeks.

One of the biggest bonuses to waxing your eyebrows and that is, over time, hair will become lighter and thinner.

When attending an eyebrow waxing treatment, the technician will apply small strips with hot wax, removing all hair in between and underneath the eyebrows until your eyebrows are symmetrical. Creating an instant arc and feature to your face, waxing is a simple solution for improving your appearance.


Eye brow extension

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The latest eyebrow trend on the high street, eyebrow extensions should be considered by anyone looking to create a natural and fuller looking brow. Perfect for those with patchy eyebrows, eyebrow extensions can add a higher arch, create a longer tail while improving the curve of your eyebrow. With no pain or redness experienced, an eyebrow extension can take up to an hour to complete and involves a trained beauty technician drawing an outline of your new brow onto your face before using an adhesive to fix eyebrow extensions on your natural brow hairs.

Able to instantly improve the appearance of your eyebrows, an eyebrow extension can be added onto any brow hair and will need to be refilled every month.


eye brow tinting

When it comes to tinting, tinting is ideal for those wanting to improve the thickness of their eyebrows. If your eyebrows are all ready a superb shape and well trimmed, tinting should be reserved for those wanting to create an appearance of fuller eyebrows.

Whether you are wanting to be on trend with a set of fuller eyebrows, to those wanting to thicken their thin eyebrows, tinting can be booked at your local beauty parlour.

Used primarily by people with fine, thinning or transparent hair, this procedure is completed with the use of vegetable dye that is semi permanent and can last up to six weeks.

Promising instant enhancement and thickness, if worried about the condition of your eyebrows, this best eyebrow treatment is a top choice for a revised appearance of health.

Bear in mind that the dye deposits color only on your hair, not your skin, so it does not work to fill in patchy spots or add length, explains brow expert Carolyn Smuts of Billion Dollar Brows. So it’s best for women who have well-shaped brows to begin with.




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For those who have yet to hear about microblading, microblading is another best eyebrow treatment for those wanting to fill out their brows. Similar to tattooing, microblading consists of using a microblade to make tiny hair link cuts along the brow line before a tint is applied to those cuts. By making your eyebrows appear fuller and thicker, you can alter and improve the shape of your eyebrows.

Slightly uncomfortable at first, a numbing solution is applied before to help numb the pain, while taking up to two hours to complete.

Just like a tattoo, microblading can take up to six weeks to heal and may require a touch up, whilst lasting up to 18 months before needing the pigment fades and will need to be refreshed. Ideal for women with patchy, thin eyebrows, wanting to add instant definition to their face.

Tweezing and Trimming

Tweezing eyebrow treatment

A classic when it comes to eyebrow maintenance, for many women, tweezing is a go to when tidying up their eyebrow line. However, when it comes to the highest quality trimming and tweezing, it is recommended that you consider visiting a professional for premium results.

Suited to men and women with all eyebrow styles, when keeping and maintaining the condition of your brows frequently, look no further than tweezing and trimming.

The perfect eyebrow treatment for those wanting to remove a small amount of unwanted brow hair, there is little chance of creating damage to the skin and brow.

Keeping your eyebrows looking full and healthy, if visiting a professional, it is advised that you book a session once every six weeks.

There you have it, the six best eyebrow treatments, able to improve, perfect and alter the appearance of your eyebrows.

A powerful tool, eyebrows should be seen as a feature to the face, able to define and add structure.

Share with us your thoughts and let us know which of the above six top eyebrow treatments are your favorite?


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