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The idea of identity is to ask yourself the question, who am I?

Positive thinking is a good look at yourself, the most important person in your life is YOU.

During the personal study and experience of mediation I have explored the understanding of myself as a soul, how can we treat ourselves properly and why, sometimes we don’t recognized ourselves. Positive thinking always brings benefit not just for ourselves, but for those around us as well.

Do you know how many thoughts we have in a day?

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We think more than 30 thousand thoughts in a day and we are in charge of them. We can choose whether we are happy or not-it’s a daily decision. We have to take, as well as to make those around us happy too. No one can make us happy or miserable, unless we let them.  If we have the ability to make ourselves miserable then we also have the ability to change that. The mind thinks, feels, desires, imaginess, dreams, remembers; all these things can be in positive and negative habits are created as imprints from the actions we take it.

How to change negative thoughts in to positive?

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We can change our negative thoughts in to positive it is easy and in our own choice. Our negative qualities consist of 5 parts that create us negative thoughts in our mind. These being anger, disappointment, ego, greed and lust. But we have positive qualities such as: peace, love, happiness, Truth, Wisdom, Light, Purity and power. These positive qualities are the foundation of our soul (mind) and are the things we need to find and be confident in ourselves.

We always find positive qualities from others and make our life miserable. When negative thoughts enter our mind, which is natural and depends upon the circumstances of each person, we can stop and transform them into positive thoughts by applying meditation (commentary) by saying these words against our negative thoughts. Through the repetition of foundation words, love, and peace and happiness etc. We can divert our attention from negative to positive. This is the continues process.

We can’t change the whole world but we can change ourselves, by looking around in positive way.

In our busy daily life just spend 10 minutes daily and think about yourself. And Try to create different reflection by meditation.

How to start your day?

Photo courtesy: The Emotion Machine

Start the day with peace, love, happiness etc and say to yourself.

  • I have my own choice,
  • I am positive energy.
  • I can create my own thoughts.
  • Everyone and everything is good.
  • I find peace, love, happiness, Truth, Wisdom, Light, Purity and power in myself.

Then you will see a big visible difference in yourself.  Try it and change your life style with your own qualities.



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