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Why cleansing is an important part for care of the skin? There are ample cleansers are available in the market, which is the best one for me skin?

For pampered, freshness and good looking of the skin, cleansing is the most significant.  The skin is the largest organ of elimination and must be kept free of waste. Use of correct movements and the correct cleaning products will make the skin prefect and brighten.

An effective cleanse should remove all traces of dirt, debris and make-up without effecting the natural acid mantle.

The cleanse movements should be gentle, rhythmic and with upward strokes. Heavy and harsh handling will result in stretched skin and wrinkles should start on skins.

Two Cleansing Process:

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There are two processes in which the cleansing routine can be performed.

  1. Deep Cleanse:

Deep cleanses is followed by application of a heavier cleansing product. It’s allowing the skin to be massaged over without dragging. Blood circulation may be increased which has warming effect opening the pores. It can remove the dirt, debris, grease and make-up, further refining the skin.

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  1. Super Facial Cleanses:

The superficial cleanse allows surface make-up and dirt to be removed. It should begin to cleanse of the eye tissue, lashes and lips using a separate cleanser superficially for the eye as the tissue is more delicate it requires cleansing without causing irritation and then cleanse of neck, chin, cheeks and forehead.

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Types of Cleaners for your face:-

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  1. a)  Facial Foam Cleansers:

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These types of cleansers are easy to use and excellent for “soap and water” fans. This cleanser contains a mild detergent, which foam up when mixed up with water. This cleanser is used for all skin types except for dry/sensitive.







  1. b) Soap-Less Cleanser:

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This is ideal for those clients that wish to cleanse the skin but don’t want to tight-stripped feeling of soap.

This type of cleanser is light rich cleansers that apply to wet hands and rinsed off with water. This cleanser deep cleans the skin without over drying. It is suitable for normal/combination skin types.



  1. c) Clay Based Cleansers:

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This is made from natural clays. It removes all traces of oil, make-up without stripping the natural acid mantle. This cleanser is excellent for treating oily skin types.








  1. d)  Cleansing Milks:

It ideally used for younger skin. Cleansing milk contains some elements of mild detergents which helps is controlling bacteria and grease. Often, oil is a water emulsion with a relatively high proportion of water to oil making the milk quite fluid in its consistency, an average of this cleanser can contain up to 90% of water.





  1. e) Cleansing Lotion:

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This type of cleanser has medicated formula, as well as a higher content of alcohol, cleansing lotions act as astringents. It is recommended for oily congested skin types.









  1. f)  Cleansing Cream:

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Cleansing creams are more suitable for dry /mature skin types. Often high proportion of oil to water making the cleanser richer in its consistency. The water

Content evaporates cooling the skin and the higher the oil content allows the product to be massaged over the skin without dragging the tissues removing all traces of oil based make-up.




  1. g) Liquefying Cleanser:

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This type of cleanser is made up of oily materials resembling petroleum jelly, it feels extremely greasy. This cleanser is effective at removing make-up quickly with it minimum amount of manipulation. After cleansing toning is required for degrees the skin.



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