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For preparation of DIY Kerala herbal hair oil , this is the one generally used in Kerala, the state of India where girls hair are always dark, long, healthy,shinny and smooth.

Oil Used For Preparation

Use pure organic Coconut oil (no parachute brand or any other where paraffin is an ingredient).

Ingredients For one liter of oil –

  • Take 10 dark green leaves of Hibiscus Plant, 5 Nos of Hibiscus flower ( 5 petal variety)
  • a handful of Mehndi leaves
  • Two or three small twigs of Jeshtamadh.

Basic Method To Prepare Ayurvedic Hair Oil Massage At Home

Make a paste of all these items and keep aside. Mix these with the coconut oil and heat to boil, add few grains of boiled rice and broken pepper pieces. Stop heating and cool to room temperature, strain and bottle for use.

How To Apply Hair Oil

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This can be used on daily basis as required and also for taking oil bath for the hair. Do not use shampoo or soap for hair, use Pure soaked Besan Powder or soaked Methi Seeds for washing the hair.

Benefits Of Herbal Hair Oil Promote hair growth.

Restore the shine and smoothness of the hair. It nourishes hair roots, promotes and strengthens the hair. Prevent from pre mature gray, hair loss and hair thinning. It gives natural black hair color. Improve the hair growth. Eventually, it would have amazing unlimited benefits and works wonder for all types of hair.

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