How stress affects the body?

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A number of hormone glands ensure that cortisone is excreted;
– Adrenaline comes in the blood;
– The brain produces endorphins (natural painkillers, the effect of which is similar to morphine);
– The production of the hormones testosterone (male) and progesterone (female) is declining. (this will temporarily reduce fertility);
– The digestive tract closes;
– The saliva flow decreases;
– Sugar is delivered to the blood;
– The cholesterol level increases;
– The heart pumps the blood faster to the muscles and lungs;
– They breathe faster and get more oxygen;
– The hairs stand upright: that makes it appear larger;
– An increased sweat production is obtained;
– All senses are alert.

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By Owais Farooqi certified health specialist by the course institute NHA (The Netherlands) (Holland) (Europe)



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