Plants with amazing anti Anxiety Benefits

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Lavender plant is to cure fear and this plant gives rest.
– Passion flower is to cure insomnia, (sleeplessness) and depression;
– St. John’s Worth (plant) is to cure nerves;
– Valerian plant gives the muscular system rest and prevents cramp and gives rest.

– Stress is a useful reaction of our body, with which we can respond to difficult and dangerous situations (positive stress that is eustress) (negative stress that is distress). Our eyes see something that is perceived by the brain as a threat.

-During the subsequent stress response, the stress hormone ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone), secreted by the pituitary gland, causes a faster heartbeat, respiration and better circulation of the limbs.

– The adrenal glands are activated and produce adrenalin and nor epinephrine. The blood vessels of the skin and the digestive tract constrict.

– Glucose is released into the blood as energy for muscles and brains.

By Owais Farooqi certified health specialist by the course institute NHA (The Netherlands) (Holland) (Europe)



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