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Do you know we have more than 30 thousand thoughts in a day? To process these thoughts, our soul has its own powers. Did you also know that we can mould ourselves by our spiritual powers? However, personal transformation is to move from a state of low esteem to high esteem and to learn to practice our inner powers, skills, qualities and much more. When we practice being soul conscious, and link with the supreme soul (GOD) we mechanically absorb our natural spiritual powers. These powers boost to meet our every day fundamental interaction with ourselves and the world. Here are some powers of our soul:

  1. The power to with draw: 

Photo Courtesy: Brahma Kumaris

When a tortoise sees any unusual happening he simply puts his neck inside his body. When you see anything that you cannot change, you have the power to consider yourself as a tortoise.  Just think I am inside and the world is outside, and I am not affected by what is happening outside. We have the capacity of self observation, self knowledge and self reflection.

  1. The Power To Pack Up:

Live for today not for tomorrow, think for today instead of yesterday or tomorrow. Because the past has gone and past is your history.  Your soul has power to pack up all rubbish of your past unpleasant memories. We simply take the learning and experience of the past but none of the sorrow. Do not count what you have lost, just see what you have now, because past never comes back but sometimes future can give you back the things you have lost!

  1. The Power To Tolerate:

Tolerance is not simply putting up with something you don’t like. Real power of tolerance is to have the power to give something good, no matter what is being thrown at you. You have appropriate powers and quality to deal with such a kind of situation.

  1. The Power To Accommodate:

Just understand that no one can damage the inner part of you, unless you allow them. To accommodate entails to able to mould and shape to any stipulation allowing it to develop the nature, to be able to extend your accommodating content more than before.

  1. The Power To Discern:

You have an eye to find real and truthful happiness. A jeweller has an eye to tell between real diamonds from false ones. Just as you have eyes to distinguish between true and false happiness in the Universe.

  1. The Power To Decide:

The image of a pair of scales reminds us to weigh up and then assess, mindful not to be determined by any negativity of the circumstances or others. Always listen to others, but take your own decision with your unlimited inner qualities. You know better what is right and beneficial for you, not others. Do not give your decisions in other’s hand. You are the captain of your thoughts.

  1. Power To Face:

Life is a full of challenges. Every day you face so many challenges but it does not mean that these challenges will weaken you. Every day if you do thousand mistakes, you also learn from them that next time you won’t be repeating them. If you never fail you will never succeed. Be honest with yourself and be ready for life’s challenges. You can overcome because you have the capacity to do so.

  1. Power To Co-Operate:

Co-operation is not merely a lending hand from some. It means don’t be jealous of that someone who can stand back and see the bigger picture. Your powers and qualities will brighten you up, no matter where are you standing.

These all powers you own. No one can make you happy or miserable but yourself. Your thoughts which have been created by your soul powers are your crown and your wings. If you pull off your wings, you can’t fly. Every one is the queen or king of their thoughts. Once you take off your crown then you will be an ordinary person. The decision is in your hand. Be ready to fly the flight of success!

Practice these simple exercises and suggestions to keep your thoughts on the positive side.



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