Tips to hang Oversized Wall Clock on your Living Room Wall

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Tips to hang Oversized Wall Clock on your Living Room Wall

Blank walls give endless opportunities to revamp or decorate your home. When comes to living area decorations, it is necessary to be particular about the aesthetics and overall design of the room. We use different decorative objects to accentuate different areas of the room including walls.

Different people have a different approach to the appearance of the room. Some people keep it modern and some traditional. Wall clock is a common accessory that is found in almost everyone’s living area. It is decorative as well as a functional piece for our living room. Although in this digital era many people use digital clocks or clock in their mobile phones, classic never goes out of style. Hanging a giant wall clock that matches your living room decor style and colours can create a distinct look and accentuate the beauty of our interior. It will remain in the league and lends subtlety. We have brought to you some tips to keep in mind while mounting a wall clock in your living area:

  1. Size of a wall clock

Size of a wall clock

Choosing the size of the wall clock depends on the statement you are trying to achieve. Oversized wall clocks are all the rage right now. It can match more modern or eclectic styles creating a great impact to enhance the overall look.




  1. Where to placewhere to place wall clock


Wall clock can be a stunning addition to your living area. Place or mount it in a way that time can be seen easily from all the angles without any inconvenience. Find the best spot for your clock and mount in a way that it creates an aesthetically pleasing look.


Different types of clocks that can be used in the living area:

Different types of clocks that can be used in the living area

  1. Statement clock: Statement clocks are big. More wall space can be occupied through interesting clocks. It fits perfectly to space and the style.
  2. 2. Simplistic: Some simple and cheap wall clocks have undeniable elegance. A simple round, solid colour clock with simple features can also work well in any space.
  3. Vintage Classic: Classic goes well with any room in any spot. You can place a classic clock with vintage design if you have a small room with understated decor.
  4. Minimalist: Another approach to a modern clock for a medium-size is making a big statement.
  5. Modern: There are numerous unique designs and styles of wall clocks available. For a bright and airy room, modern is not always the first clock choice that comes to mind.

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Hope you had a great time reading this post. Until we come up with another blog have a great time!

Guest blog post: Sofia Martin



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