Top Insider Tips For Hiring A Live Wedding Band?

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Top Insider Tips For Hiring A Live Wedding Band?

The question has been popped and the date for the wedding has been set. Yet one crucial part of the wedding day planning that often creates dread and fear to otherwise excited brides and that is the hiring of a wedding band.

Aiming within this blog to help make your wedding organisation as stress free as possible while answering the common question, how to hire a band for a wedding.

We have put together 5 top points that you should be aware of when looking for your wedding band of choice, helping you to have a pleasant and stress free experience as possible.

How to hire a band for a wedding?

When it comes to organising the music for the wedding and wedding reception, either a live band or a DJ will entertain guests. Both require different setups and can be used to help benefit and improve the drama and theatrics of your special day.

When it comes to hiring live wedding bands, a live band is often most favoured thanks to its unique and memorable experience. Able to get everyone up on their feet, dancing the night away, we recommend booking your band of choice by following these top tips on how to hire a band for a wedding.

Be sure to choose your wedding band carefully, as research has found that 95 percent of guests judge the amount of fun that they experience on the wedding depending on the music played at the wedding reception​.

Do your research

How to hire wedding band

It is recommended before you even start the process of looking for your live band, to take the time to conduct research. By thinking about the type of music that you would like to play, the theme or even if you would prefer a DJ, by discovering at the beginning of the process the type of music you want, you can have a more successful band hunting experience.


If planning a wedding in rural Wales, you may discover through research that only a small selection of bands are willing to travel and commute, find out all crucial information about your wedding and what you are after before you start finalising preferred live bands.

It is often found that certain venues may not permit large bass instruments or have a watt limit to the equipment that can be used throughout the set. Be sure to avoid any nasty surprises and conduct such research ahead of the day itself to help discover the best music options for your dream venue.

Determine how many singers and instruments you want

Top Insider Tips For Hiring A Live Wedding Band?

You have decided that you want a live Jazz band, but now you have to determine how many singers and instrument players you want. The size of the band that you finalise on will also be dependent on the size of the space that you have available.

If organising a summer wedding, a large big band would be best suited to playing outside, while a small village hall could host a single DJ.


By taking the time to determine how many singers and instruments that you want, you can also conduct research onto your chosen bands and DJ’s much more ease.

Discuss meals, breaks and start times

Top Insider Tips For Hiring A Live Wedding Band?

As amazing as it would be for your live wedding band to play continuously into the night, this is simply not possible. All bands and DJ’s require a break. Whether to quench their thirst or a small fifteen minute break between sets, be sure to negotiate breaks and start times before the date itself.

If playing for a long duration, it is recommended to offer singers meals and drinks to keep them hydrated and energised. An energised singer can perform to their best standard and can give a truly feet stomping performance for the guests to remember and talk about.

Create a playlist

Top Insider Tips For Hiring A Live Wedding Band?

All couples have an idea of the music that they would like to be played and it is recommended that when looking for the band of your choice, to present a rough idea of the playlist that you would like to be performed. A top tip for those unsure of how to hire a band for a wedding, it is advised that even when creating a playlist, to keep a relaxed grip on the final details. Although it is great to have an idea of the set list, be sure to trust your live wedding band and allow them to make the final call, they may just surprise you. Experts and experienced in weddings, your band of choice will have a better understanding of your guests and the vibe on the evening, allowing them to improvise and get everyone up dancing.

Review the contract

Review the contract

You worked out where your wedding is to take place, the size of the band and the genre that you would like played, but before you sign the contract, be sure to review it.

A crucial but often overlooked element when it comes to the hiring of the band. It may be that communication was lost in translation and that vital details about the wedding, date and venue have been miswritten.

Here you can amend such mistakes and make sure that everything is in check. Whether from the outfit that your performers wear, set up time and even the payment schedule. Be sure to double check every small detail to make sure your wedding runs as smoothly as possible.


There you have it, five top points for those unsure of how to hire a live wedding band. What can be an unsure and daunting experience, instead by following these top pieces of advice, can make live band hunting a fun task to help complete your wedding.

Able to improve and enhance the magic that is your wedding reception, use these five recommended points as a checklist, helping you to guarantee a stress free and smooth process.

We would love to hear from you and discover your own first hand experience of searching and hiring a live wedding band for your special day. Comment below to share your experience with us.

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