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What is meditation? 

“Meditation” is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualisation, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth”.

Meditation is mainly a personal exposure which require compassion and mostly done without any external intervention. It is practised for myriad reasons depending upon the cultural background of the people. In various religions of the world, meditation is part of their spiritual practice. It has been exercised since ages but the specific technique of meditation is not definite till today.

Forms of mediation:

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There is numerous form of meditation which basically depends upon the self-consideration of person’s psychic activity in the surroundings with respect to process instead of content. The word meditation was formalized as an interpretation of Eastern spiritual exercises and is broadly referred to as ‘Dhyana’ rooted from Sanskit word ‘Dhyai’ which stand for contemplate or mediate. Since meditation is considered to be the mainly the path of acquiring self realization, the practice needs to have some prerequisites which are necessary to attain such self realization.

Posture importance in meditation:

Most important thing in this process is the comfortable and relaxed posture (asana). There are different types of postures recommended by different school of thoughts but to achieve the state of meditation any posture which keeps the person relaxed for a longer period of time is considered to be suitable for the mediator.

Meditation Health benefits:

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Medically, meditation is much advantageous and very helpful for both body and soul. The meditation involves the concentration which relaxes and unstressed the body and put the mediator at a level of high vitality after acquiring peace and tranquillity Generally, meditation had been considered to be a religious discipline but in the current revolutionary age, this practice is viewed with reference to its spiritual and philosophical application and promotion of well being of individuals.

  • It enables the individuals to solve their problems patiently.
  • It develops the attitude to look at both sides of the picture and solve the disputes without fighting hopelessly.
  • It encourages the mediator to understand the reality of the situations as ‘what they are’ instead of ‘what might be’. Through meditation the individual understands how to recognize the reality and trust upon itself.

Personal experience about meditation:

I’m going to explain the idea of identity by asking the question, who am I? The most important person in my life is I. During the personal experience I have explored the understanding of myself as a soul. It was such a magical moments for me which I never had realised before. When I do meditation, every single time I experience that my soul is connected to the Supreme Soul and I’m in front of God, talking to him as if I’m in front of my friends. This feeling remains during the entire period of my meditation. In that experience I did not want to come back in this world of physical form. I have no words to describe these feelings. Since my childhood I have heard from my family and friends that things don’t get better by worrying about them. But when things do get bad usually we cannot remain calm and cool.  We cannot stop the bombardment of our thinking.

How to control stress through mediation:

By doing meditation I have explored ways how to control my own thinking and how to create my own positive thoughts as oppose to negative thoughts.  Externally, things are not going to change, however our thinking and our ways of dealing with them are moulded in a way that things get better. It’s an amazing experience for me, I have been studying Raja yoga meditation as well and found it put me at ease. By doing meditation I’m increasing my awareness day by day regarding deeper aspects of life. The Brahma Kumaris world Spiritual University is sharing the awareness regarding the connection of the soul with the Supreme Soul and doing a great job for the ordinary people to find a way to explore deeper aspects of them. Through daily practice I know I can deepen my knowledge regarding the connection of soul with the Supreme Soul. By remembering that peace happiness, love, purity, wisdom, truth light is what we are made of. Spread only pure vibration into the atmosphere. It does not matter which religion you belongs to, the Supreme Soul is the same being with different names in different religions of the world.

How to discover yourself and change your outlook through mediation:

When I joined Positive thinking classes and started to meditation, it entirely changed my outlook. I have become a more stable and content.  I discovered my own values.

“My life is like a DVD.  If I play my DVD badly, it’ll put scratches on it.” –

“I have found that we are in charge of our self.” –

“No one can make us happy or miserable.” –

“We can’t change the entire world but we can change ourselves.”-

Now I have realised that things won’t get better worrying about it. It’s my life’s good opportunity to study about myself and the Supreme Soul.

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