What can gemstones do to cure mental and physical problems?

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Amethyst: This stone works on the cerebral cortex. He can offer a solution for headaches and migraines, but also for fear, insomnia or in support of meditation. He gives inner peace and balance.

Rock crystal: This stone helps to strengthen everything. He can offer a solution for back pain, muscle pain, weak intestine or weak lungs. He also works with earth rays or radiation from computer screens.

Carnelian: This stone contains iron, hence that red color. He stimulates the pancreas, is beneficial in anemia. Children (or adults) who are plagued by nightmares benefit from wearing a carnelian.

Citrine: This stone works on the mind, helps with concentration disorders and tunes positively.

Jasper: This stone has a strengthening effect on the liver and the bile, stimulates willpower and supports slimming cures.

Olivine: This stone works on the female sexual organs and can provide a solution for a disturbed menstrual cycle. Wear the stone alternately around the neck and on the stomach. He can then do his work anywhere.

Ruby: This stone works blood-strengthening and strengthens the intuition.

Smoky Quartz: This stone can help to quit smoking.

Blue Sapphire: This stone promotes abstract thinking.

Emerald: This stone can help restore balance, both physically and mentally. Furthermore, he can offer a solution for eye complaints and for improving memory.

Topaz: This stone works on the blood vessels. He can offer a solution for haemorrhoids, cramps, nosebleeds, open legs and varicose veins. He also has a positive effect on insomnia.

Turquoise: This stone works on the hormone level and can provide a solution for “hot flushes”. He warns against liver disease by discolouring; it then turns yellow-green.

By Owais Farooqi certified health specialist by the course institute NHA (The Netherlands) (Holland) (Europe)



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